Geography links for the week ending 13th November.

  1. A momentous week in politics. Where to start? Here is a short but informative clip from The Economist on the potential repercussions from the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. Here is an intersting graph showing divisions within the USA played out on election night

2. Giant sinkholes from around the world in pictures.

3. At least two people have died after a powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck New Zealand’s South Island. A tsunami was also generated.

Geography links for the week ending 9th October.

1.The most active Earthquake swarms around Katla, one of Iceland’s larger volcanoes, seem to have paused for the time being. 

2. The Government gave given the go ahead for fracking to start in Lancashire. Hear both sides of the argument in this clip.

3. Renewable tidal lagoon power moves a step closer in Swansea

4. Professor Danny Dorling is a leading Geographer from Oxford University. In this short clip from Newsnight he calls on a range of data to dispel the myths about who did and did not vote for Brexit.

Visit from the St Andrews University Geobus

A few photos to remind you of the visit by the St Andrews University Geobus last Friday. Experiments included a mountain of flour with a hidden balloon inside providing an effective example of how a caldera is formed from a sudden explosive volcanic eruption. A simple film canister with added water and Berocca tablet created a surprisingly dramatic demonstration of the pressure build-up that occurs to create such an eruption.

We are very grateful to Kathryn for visiting and inspiring the sixth form, particularly as both year 12 and 13 are studying volcanoes and earthquakes this year!