OCR GCSE – Year 11

GCSE Schemes of work


Paper 1 revision content

Paper 2 revision content

PRACTICE PAPER 1: living in the UK paper

PRACTICE PAPER 2: The World around Us; Past paper!



List of the CASE STUDIES you need for all 3 exams.

Paper 1 – Living in the UK today case study revision guides

Paper 2 – The world around us case study revision guides

Paper 1 and 2 revision notes

Model answers

Quizlets: river processes, coastal processes

Fieldwork and Skills (paper 3 ) revision:

PRACTICE PAPER 3 – Skills paper (Resource booklet here)

Geography skills. Map types revision. Graph types revision ; ArcGIS Skills

River Findhorn (PHYSICAL) fieldwork notes

Elgin (HUMAN) fieldwork notes

Results table ; Elgin skills booklet ; Findhorn table

The World Around Us

Ecosystems of the Planet

1. Teaching Schedule

2. Introduction to Ecosystems and global distribution of biomes.;Biome Fact file; Climate data. ;Climate graphs for each biome

Interactive mapmaker (GIS); BBC bitesize biomes

3. Introduction to tropical rainforestsHow the forest works film

3.1 Nutrient and water cycle in the rainforest including GIS task. ; Rainforest ppt

4. Peru rainforest case study

4.1 – Detailed info graphic on Purus Manu conservation corridor 4.2 – 12 mark question structure script

5. Introduction to Coral reefs; Coral reef video; Symbiotic relationship

5.1 Coral reef questions to complete

6. Coral reef GIS storymap.; Why do we need coral reefs?; Importance. Live Webcam ; Andros Barrier Reef ppt ; Andros ; Joulter Clays proposed park ; Andross Barrier Reef case study questions, Andros climate dataAndros introduction video ; Economy of the Andros (Wiki) ; Bahamas coral reef

great barrier reef queensland australia

Global Development

  1. Teaching Schedule

2. Development introduction PPT

2.1 – Development indicator questions – World Bank link here. Human Development Index link for Q5 here

2.2Development Indicators ; HDI Components

3. ICT correlation task

4. Development indicators comparison ; GNI site

5. Physical and human causes of uneven development

Uneven Development Powerpoint

5.1. Medicines Sans Frontiers – aid organisation example.

6. Ethiopia development ; Addis Ababa climate graph; World trade map; Ethiopia Population worksheet with video links ; Education provision video ; Rostow’s Model

7. Global Urbanisation: Urbanisation worksheet; Rapid Urbanisation in LIDCs; Lagos Geofile ; Lagos Al Jazeera clip; Global urbanisation graphics Lagos Interactive exploration

8.Rosario Intro PPT. Rosario 1: background (Links for sheet: Culture, Ethnicity, Housing,) Rosario 2: challenges ; Rosario case study (complete) ; Rosario wiki link, ; Dharavi slums?Rosario culture link, Rosario population info, Rosario housing

Environmental Threats to Our Planet

  1. The Quaternary. Climate change past, present and future story map ; Animation of glacial advances ; How has climate changed – sheet?
  2. Causes of climate change: Causes Q sheet. . Milankovitch cycles interactive. Role of volcanoes in climate change clip ; Greenhouse effect sheet ; Greenhouse ppt
  3. Consequences of climate change: Story map ; Tuvalu video ; Tuvalu sheet
  4. Global circulation of the atmosphere
  5. Extreme weather questions: Extreme weather events ; Monsoon events ; Atacama ; Driest ; Hottest ; Coldest 5.b – Questions on the most extreme places on earth.
  6. Extreme Weather events
  7. Tropical storms; Tropical Storms sheet
  8. El Nino and La Nina. 8a El Nino and La Nina powerpoint
  9. The Big Dry – is El Nino to blame for Australia’s drought? Good documentary on the Big Dry