OCR GCSE – Year 11

GCSE Schemes of work


What to revise for the summer (traffic light):

PAPER 1: first exam paper (UK focus – All Year 10 work)

PAPER 2: second exam paper (World  -All Year 11 work).

PAPER 3: For the last exam paper look at the work below under ‘fieldwork and skills. Remember to ‘traffic light’ those areas you are unsure of!which topics you are unsure of.

Case study revision:

Click here for paper 1 (UK) and click here for paper 2 (the World, year 11 work).

Here is a list of the case studies for both papers that you need.

Use these graphic organisers for each case study to make notes (from memory)

Practice papers

PRACTICE PAPER 1: living in the UK paper ;

PRACTICE PAPER 2: The World around Us;


And if you want to see examples of ‘good’ answers from other students, click here

If you want to have a go at some online Quizlets this is a link to all the quiz’s from the course!

Remember you can also log into Seneca and practice the question there as well

Paper 1 and 2 revision notes

The answers to the practice questions workbook can be found here

Paper 2 Revision notes for you to complete

Fieldwork and Skills (paper 3 ) revision:

Practice skills exam paper click here. (Resource booklet here)

Here is a reminder of Geography skills like median, interquartile range etc that you need to know. Here is an explanation of the  Map types you should know and the types of Graph ; ArcGIS maps and a nice guide on the types of graphs as a Story Map

Here is an outline of what we did on our PHYSICAL geography field trip to the River Findhorn. This is what we did on our HUMAN geography field trip when we went to Elgin, what data we collected and how we analysed is.

Results table ; Elgin skills booklet ; Findhorn table

The World Around Us

Ecosystems of the Planet

1. Teaching Schedule

2. Introduction to Ecosystems and global distribution of biomes.;Biome Fact file; Climate data. ;Climate graphs for each biome

Interactive mapmaker (GIS); BBC bitesize biomes

3. Introduction to tropical rainforestsHow the forest works film

3.1 Nutrient and water cycle in the rainforest including GIS task. ; Rainforest ppt

4. Peru rainforest case study (Extension task: rainforest data questions) – Answer sheet

4.1 – Detailed info graphic on Purus Manu conservation corridor 4.2 – 12 mark question structure script

5. Introduction to Coral reefs; Coral reef video; Symbiotic relationship

5.1 Coral reef questions to complete. Coral reef GIS storymap.

6. Andros Barrier Reef ppt ; Google Earth Andros tour Andros ; Joulter Cays proposed park ; Andross Barrier Reef case study questions, Andros climate dataAndros introduction video ; Economy of the Andros (Wiki) ; Live Webcam coral ;

Global Development

  1. Teaching Schedule

2. Development introduction PPT

2.1 – Development indicator questions – World Bank link here. Human Development Index link for Q5 here

2.2Development IndicatorsDevelopment scatter graph task  HDI Components; 

3. ICT correlation task

4. Development indicators comparison ; GNI site

5. Physical and human causes of uneven development

Uneven Development Powerpoint

5.1. Medicines Sans Frontiers – aid organisation example.

6. Ethiopia development; Ethiopia wildlife video1 Addis Ababa climate graph; World trade map; Ethiopia Population worksheet with video links ; Education provision video ; Rostow’s Model. Ethiopia Graphic Organiser to revise

7. Global Urbanisation: Urbanisation worksheet; Rapid Urbanisation in LIDCs; Lagos Geofile ; Lagos Al Jazeera clip; Global urbanisation graphics Lagos Interactive exploration

8.Istanbul EDC city case study; Istanbul textbook resources. Istanbul case study for revision; Migration and Istanbul

Environmental Threats to Our Planet

Topic ticklist

  1. The Quaternary. Climate change past, present and future story map ; Animation of glacial advances ; How has climate changed – sheet? ; Quaternary glacial graphs
  2. Evidence for climate change, PPT with videos
  3. Causes of climate change: Causes Q sheet. . Milankovitch cycles interactive. Role of volcanoes in climate change clip ; Greenhouse effect sheet ; Greenhouse ppt
  4. 2020 global warming around the world interactive NY Times
  5. Consequences of climate change: Story map ; Tuvalu video ; Tuvalu sheet
  6. Global circulation of the atmosphere
  7. Extreme weather questions: Extreme weather events ; Monsoon events ; Atacama ; Driest ; Hottest ; Coldest 5.b – Questions on the most extreme places on earth.
  8. Extreme Weather events
  9. Tropical storms; Tropical Storms sheet
  10. El Nino and La Nina. 8a El Nino and La Nina powerpoint; La Nina Triple Dip
  11. The Big Dry – is El Nino to blame for Australia’s drought? Good documentary on the Big Dry . Geofactsheet on 2019/20 bushfires