A-Level Summary (all topics)

Podcast revision: Inverness and Lympstone, Middlesbrough rebranding, Birmingham structural economic change

A-Level sample papers:

Paper 1: Physical Systems ; Resource booklet

Paper 2: Human Interactions ; Resources booklet

Paper 3: Geographical debates ; Resources booklet

Zig Zag practice exam papers x 4: Paper 1 (Glaciation and ELSS); Paper 2 (Changing Spaces, migration and power and borders – Password Protected

Zig Zag questions for all topics – password protected

KEY terms for most topics

Quiz roulette for quick class quizs. Questions and answers

SENECA online questions and quizs – courses linked to your login

Revision Work book answers

Synoptic links between each topic. Hazards and place, disease and migration etc.

Synoptic links between the topics: Geography review articles

OCR guide to statistics in geography

Strengths and weaknesses of different statistical techniques

Limitations and advantages of data and data presentation

Power and Borders


Scheme of work ticklist


Mind maps to complete and completed case studies

Exam questions

Mali and South Sudan case study revision updates

Ukraine case study summary


Introductory reading

Mr Monteith cover lesson for 1-2 September

  1. What is meant by sovereignty and territorial integrity? 1.1 A short history of the current world international order –The Economist

2. Challenges to Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity.  2.1  Responsibility to Protect explained

3. Erosion of sovereignty and territorial integrity  3.1 – BBC report on the internment of Uighur population in NW China – example of ethnic group separatism and the response of the state

3.2 Ukraine sovereignty challenge case study 3.2 Prisoners of Geography extract on Ukraine and Russia conflict 3.3 Global Conflict Tracker update on current situation

4. Global Governance and conflict  4.1 – Global governance questions to answer 4.2- The United Nations

4.2 The Economist Can the world stop genocide?

4.2 – Questions to complete 4.3 – Catalonia exam research question

4.4 – Global governance of natural resources – The Arctic.

5. Strategies for global governance – South Sudan sheet.

5.1 South Sudan folder  5.2 – Brief list of UN activity and intervention post 2018 ceasefire

5.2- Global Governance 16 mark question

6. How does global governance of sovereignty and territorial integrity issues have consequences for both people and places? Bruised Border ARCGIS

7 – Mali – Read through this interactive first. 7.1Mali global governance case study

7.1 – To what extent is the UN successful? Letter to Economist 7.2 – Negative impacts of intervention, the Oxfam Haiti prostitute scandal

Paradox of progress- Excellent read on the future of geopolitics.

Threats to the international order – The Economist

Earth’s life support systems

ELSS Summary 

ELSS Resources

Links, clips and reading

‘The water we eat’

ArcGIS Storymap

  1. Water cycle and rain; The importance of water; Stores of water  ; Stores sheet

2.  Human impacts on the water cycle ; How do humans impact the water cycle; Humans and water cycle; Water cycle and humans ; Costing the Earth: water extraction in SE England

3. Cloud formation and lapse rates ; cloud formation (met office)

4. Carbon: Carbon flux ; Lakes and carbon feedback; Carbon sequestration; A3 sheet; Bio-ninja on flux; Carbon Atlas

5. The Amazon: ‘The Amazon effect’ ; Albedo and deforestation ; Brazil and the Amazon ; GIS Human impacts ; Water and carbon cycles in the Amazon (A3 sheet) ; Amazon water cycle ppt ; Deforestation impact on water cycle ; Water in the Amazon ppt ; Carbon in the Amazon ppt ; Water and Carbon cycling in Amazon (Metlink Video) ; Deforestation impacts on the water cycle; Bolsonaro’s Amazon policy; Da Silva: zero deforestation by 2030; Climatic tipping point from deforestation

6. TRF information ppt ; GIS activity ; TRF Questions; Management of the TRF essay ; Flash cards: physical and human impacts on a drainage basin; Human and Physical changes to the water cycle notes; NPP; Policing the Amazon

7. Arctic Tundra Introduction ppt ; Arctic Tundra case study; Cycles in the Arctic (A3 sheet) ; Resources ; Donald Trump: Opening up the Arctic Refuge (2021); Methane release article ; Permafrost thaw: carbon feedback ; Ice Truckers melt! ; Methane release from the permafrost

8. CHANGE IN THE CYCLESHuman impacts on the water cycle ; Urbanisation and the carbon cycle; Change over time ; Combustion ; Human impacts on carbon cycle ; Human impact on carbon cycle ppt; Human influences on the water cycle; Link between CO2 and Climate Change; Causes of global warming and H20 amplification: positive feedback loop

9. Diurnal, seasonal and long-term changes ; Monitoring changes (GIS) ; Anthropogenic impacts; Colorado River water diminish

10. Carbon Cycle summary and games!

11. Management of carbon and water cycles ; Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) ; Boundary Dam CCS Project, Canada ; Role of wetlands in the carbon cycle ; Carbon cap and trade ; The Paris Accord (COP21) ; Synthetic fixing on atmospheric CO2


Revision Sheets; ELSS Test Questions; ELSS Revision slide sheets

Global migration

Scheme of work

Key terms list

  1. Global migration flows
  2. Inter regional migration flows – North Africa and Middle East to Europe. Lee’s Push- pull model. Economist article on Migration to Europe
  3. Intra regional migration – movement WITHIN Europe. 3.1 Geofile for Poland case study  3.2 FT article: Effects of EU migration on UK in 5 charts
  4. Remittances and global development PPT. Spearman’s Rank task. 4.1 Notes and essay task.
  5. Globalisation leading to the emergence of new source areas and host destinations. Extension task: Chapter from ‘A very short introduction to migration’  5.1 Economist at 175 article on migration and liberalism
  6. Growth of young and female migration
  7. South to South and South to North migration flows. 7.1 Economist article on South to South migration flows
  8. Conflict and persecution have increased the number of refugees. 8.1 Prep question on global internal displacement of people 2018 8. 2 Panorama programme of Rohingya persecution.
  9. Changes in national immigration and emigration policies
  10. Corridors of migrant flows create interdependence between countries – Brazil case study 10.1 Case study sheet
  11. USA case study – how it influences and drives change in the global migration systems   11.1 Document with all the links for the latest on Trump changing US policy on migration  11.2 Articles on US migration policy over time
  12. Laos case study – LIDC to show how it has limited influence over and restricted response to the global migration system


  1. A3 revision sheets on all migration topics.
  2. 16 marker practice questions
  3. Revision flashcards for Laos case study