OCR GCSE – Year 10

This is a link to the OCR syllabus that we are following in year 10.

Landscapes of the UK (page 12) was completed in the Autumn term. The Spring term is focused on the People of the UK section (page 13)

Living in the UK today:

Exchange work 2019/20


Year 10 Summer Exam 2022 Summary

Year 10 Summer review questions 2022

Quiz questions and answers for prep revision

Landscapes in the UK

Teaching plan

1.UK Landscapes introduction sheet

1.2 UK Landscape exercise: powerpoint

1.3 Upland and lowland fact file exercise. Met Office comparing Fort William and Lossiemouth

1.4 UK Glaciation

2.How climate affects the UK landscape UK Geology map

3. Rivers powerpoint Mr Monteith

3.1 Erosion, weathering, transportation and deposition sheet; ‘Time for Geography’ video clips

3.2 River landform sheets ; V-shaped valley formation (video) ; Landforms information site ; Waterfall and gorge formation (video) ; Undercut and plunge pool formation (video) ; Floodplain formation (video). 3.3 Afforestation of a v-shaped valley 3.4 Adding meanders back into rivers in the Lake District

4. River Findhorn case study information , River Findhorn case study questions to complete  Findhorn management information

5. Coasts: processes and landforms. Spit formation. Rufus coastal landforms film

5.1 Moray coastline case study ; PPT task of Moray coast with video! Human / Physical landuse of Moray Coast revision

Revision / summary sheet of topic

People of the UK

Teaching plan

  1. Trade ; World trade map; UK import data. 1.1 Trade data skills extension task. Answer sheet

2. UK Development PPT; Diversity in the UK GIS PPT ; Diversity in the UK task ; UK Broadband map
3. Economic Change – Salford Quays case study. Salford Quays timeline to complete. Salford Quays Powerpoint. HS2 example. ; Modern changes to Salford Quays

4. UK interactive prosperity map

5. UK changing population  5.1 ONS intereactive of changing population over time 5.2 ArcGIS story map on population to use for prep

6. Ageing population challenges; BBC clip. Map of ageing population globally. FT interactive on ageing populations ; Cost of UK ageing population to the NHS 

Immigration UK powerpoint. 7.2 Migration to uk excel task. The truth about immigration in the UK

8. Urban processes: suburbanisation, counter urbanisation, re urbanisation  8.1 – ARCGIS urbanisation story map

9. Leeds case study PART 1 – people, culture and local geography. Leeds timeline information ; Leeds case study PART 2; Leeds waste; Housing issuesHousing problems newsnight clip ; Leeds summary. Leeds Index of Multiple Deprivation storymap ; Leeds challenges ; Housing issues and solutions

Leeds case study sheet to complete

Links to help with Leeds case study: Economic inequality in Leeds ; Leeds traffic congestion problems; Leeds employment/unemployment data

UK Environmental Challenges

Student scheme of work – what do you need to know

  1. Air masses PPT and task.
    1.1 UK extreme weather events PPT and task.

    Websites for research: Beast from the East, 2018 – Polar continental mini case study 1.2 Storm Dennis – Polar maritime mini case study, 2020, Storm Dennis Forecast; Farm flooding drone footage

2. Somerset flood PPT. Somerset floods case study sheet; Useful links ; Somerset question sheet

3. Farming and fishing concerns

4. Reservoirs and water transfer 4.1 Kielder water storage task. 4.2 Kielder information sheet.

5. Renewable and non renewable PPT. Energy source in the UK fact files 5.1 Sources of energy table to complete

6. How has the UK’s energy supplied changed since 1950 (questions to complete) 6.1 Renewables and non-renewables around UK GIS

7.1 Kellas Wind farm Google Earth tour. 12 mark exam question to attempt. Local sustainable energy solution – Kellas wind farm notes ; MP against wind farms ; Save wild Moray ; Inside a turbine ; Wind turbine details.

7.3 – BBC news link to current fracking articles ; Overview of fracking

7.2 Wester Alves Anaerobic Digester

8. Powerpoint with instructions on slide 9 about completing the case studies on fracking or wind power