Geography links for the week ending 11th December

1. The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney’s, gave a speech at the start of the week at Liverpool John Moore’s University on income inequality and globalisation. I would encourage you to have a listen. Links directly into the year 12 work. Starts around 6 minutes in.

2. Port Talbot’s future producing steel guaranteed… For now. A good read for year 12 on structural economic change.

3. Interesting article from The Day on the threat to jobs from robots. Technological change and globalisation in action.

Recommended extra reading for year 12 – Economist articles on Globalisation.

A very interesting collection of articles in this week’s Economist exploring why so many people in Advanced Countries appear to be adopting a hostile attitude to various aspects of Globalisation. If you can’t access them all through the website directly remember the magazine is available through the Library’s online Infotrac catalogue (school network only).