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  1. Migration: the riddle of Europe’s shadow populationThe number of undocumented migrants in the EU is unknown but some cities are realising that ‘get-tough’ policies or neglecting the issue do not work
  2. The earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia have killed more than 1,400– Relief workers have yet to reach much of the affected region
  3. The centenary of the 20th century’s worst catastrophe– “Spanish flu” probably killed more people than both world wars combined

A number of recent ‘Geography in the news’ articles to help with Year 13 exam revision

Hazardous Earth topic

Why did the eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano kill over 62 people?

More on the deadly pyroclastic flows that have killed dozens in Guatemala via The Conversation website

This is a great hazard map produced by the EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre:

Disease Dilemmas

Why the latest Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo can probably be contained.

Power and Borders

Why France, the UK, Japan and others must join forces as mid sized powers to face up to the US and China.

Changing Spaces

Left behind: can anyone save the towns the economy forgot? Soaring antidepressant usage, falling life expectancy: Blackpool embodies much of what is going wrong on the fringes of Britain.


Europe is sending African migrants home. Will they stay?Facing horrible conditions in Libya, many Africans are accepting free flights home. But some are ashamed to return

Geography links for the week ending 18th June

1. A 6.3 M earthquake struck off the Turkish coast on Tuesday

2. Two recent rockfall events in Coire an’t Sneachda (where year 12 went on a fieldtrip in September) show how the process of weathering and erosion is ongoing.

3. The shocking fire and at the Grenfell tower block this week has raised some difficult questions such as whether a regeneration project may have contributed to the extent of the fire.