AQA A level Geography – Year 13

The A2 AQA Geography course offers the opportunity to explore topics such as Plate Tectonics and World Cities alongside Contemporary Conflicts. The link to the syllabus can be found here.

GEOG 3 & 4A Past Papers and Mark Schemes


Link to Plate tectonics: coolgeography

Link to Tohoku 2011 Earthquake (incl. ‘ social capital’ reference)


Geog 2 and 4A revision:


World Cities

Christmas 2016 work on sustainable cities

World Cities revision sheet to complete including case studies


Contemporary conflicts and challenges

Conflict research

Separatism – Kurds case study

Afghanistan case study.

The Afghan conflict

Afghanistan folder including powerpoint

Multiculturalism GIS activity.

Conflict over a local resource. – Heathrow

Conflict over a local resource – Findhorn

Global Poverty indicators

Tackling global poverty – Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development goals

River’s Fieldwork

Link to results and conclusions (and the bible)